Our Partners

Founded in 2002, Dermaceutic is a leader in aesthetic dermatology. They collaborate with over 30,000 skin professionals in 70+ countries, using science to enhance the skin's natural abilities for faster results. 

Dermaceutic is known for pioneering chemical peels and cosmeceuticals, delivering exceptional skincare solutions tailored to individual concerns and procedures. Their commitment to scientific excellence, strategic partnerships, and a vast expert network defines their position in aesthetic dermatology as Skintelligent Science.

 LUMIFIL®, headquartered in Cheshire, UK, has recently established itself as the global hub for market-leading skincare products and pharmaceutical aesthetics. LUMIFIL fillers are the ideal choice for industry professionals seeking the highest quality patented HA filler products at competitive prices.

Since 2006, the Gamarde Dermatological Laboratory, located in Lot (Occitanie), has been developing organic dermatological care for delicate skin based on its expertise in Dermocosm'Ethic Bio. Gamarde treatments are formulated with dermoprotective Gamarde-les-Bains Thermal Water, the benefits of which have been known for over 600 years and were recognized by the Academy of Medicine in 1841.

White Medience is one of few Korean aesthetic medical device manufacturer that boasts top-of-the-line products.

As a manufacturer of PDO/PCL lifting threads, White Medience also provides training (online and offline), academic exchange programs, device customization, and many more.

Diagnostic Way Company is a reputable pharmaceutical and medical device distribution company operating in Kurdistan-Iraq.

By partnering with renowned pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, Diagnostic Way has established a robust network that allows it to offer a wide range of products to meet the diverse needs of the Iraqi market.

DNA Scientific Bureau is an Iraqi company specialized in the field of pharmaceutical marketing, media, and sales management. It provides clients with advanced insights, proven methods, and digital tools, ensuring efficient product delivery through their in-house logistics team and a well-established network. 

HQM Pharma is a Wholesale Pharmaceutical distributor that operates with a strategic approach tailored to different regions, including Kurdistan Region and Iraq in the Middle East. The company offers comprehensive services starting from the registration of companies and associated products, followed by the development of effective marketing strategies to enhance brand visibility. Logistics and distribution are handled efficiently, and products are continuously assessed and adapted to ensure success.

Mercy Medical City is a modern healthcare institute situated in Sulaymaniyah city, Iraq. It is a state-of-the-art hospital dedicated to offering a wide array of services to cater to the diverse medical needs of the community.

MMC provides a comprehensive range of services, from emergency care to advanced surgical procedures, cardiology to orthopedics, women's health to pediatrics. It is committed to delivering exceptional healthcare across various specialties.

With a focus on excellence, Mercy Medical City combines cutting-edge technology, innovative treatments, and a multidisciplinary approach to ensure optimal outcomes for patients.