Cog series

Shortest path to youth!

The Cog series is specialized for minimally invasive face, neck and body lifts.

Cog WS

Cog WS is a primary choice for practitioners at all levels. With 6 directional barbs and a W cannula, Cog WS offers the most basic minimally invasive facelift.

Cog LA

Cog LA is an upgraded model of the L-type cog.

With 6 directional barbs and an LA cannula, Cog LA provides simultaneous anchoring and hooking, simplifying the thread lift procedure.

Molding Cog

Molding Cog is 3rd generation and manufactured with a heat-free method. Now, they are longer lasting, stronger, and easier to use than ever.

Double Cog

Double Cog is specially designed for thin areas lifting, such as the temporal region, upper eyelid, forehead, and cheeks.


U-Cog is a long thread specialized for wide areas, such as the eyes, forehead, and even the body.


Complete Nose Procedure!

The Rhinoplasty category is specifically designed for cosmetic nose treatments. From the nasal bridge to the columella and alar, each procedure can be completed in under 45 minutes.


Hiko is one of the thickest options in the market. From alar and columella procedures to ridge enhancements and various other cosmetic applications, Hiko is capable of providing a complete rhinoplasty.

New Misko

New Misko is one of a kind in thread Rhinoplasty. It is attached with a single-use injector that simplifies Rhinoplasty into just four thread injections.  

Volumizing & Tightening

Wrinkle-free Smile!

The Volumizing & Tightening is a category specialized in volume augmentation that counters the aging process. Aging signs, such as smile lines, crow's feet, and temporal hollowing, can be treated with products from the Volumizing & Tightening category.


Volume is designed for volume augmentation to enhance small and deep areas, such as smile lines. Its meshed pipe structure takes synergy with HA filler to another level.

Duo Ten

Duo Ten is designed for efficient volume augmentation with 18 layers of mono threads in a single Duo Ten.


I-filler is specifically designed for periorbital wrinkles, with a blunt tip that emphasizes safety.


Concentrated Neocollagenesis!

The Basic category is specialized for the concentrated insertion of PDO/PCL threads, which leads to collagen generation. Even those new to thread lifts can easily perform the Basic procedure.


Despite being the most basic thread, every part of the device matters, from the sponge to the extension.


Although it is the simplest thread, every component of the device, including the sponge and extension, plays a crucial role.